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Art as Communication Course

An 8-week experiential Art Therapy journey combining art activity with introductory Art Therapy concepts. Each week different art materials are introduced (e.g. paint, clay, pastels, charcoal, ink, shoe polish, pastels, sand, stones, objects etc) as a means of self-expression and communication within a group format.

NO art skill is necessary in order to benefit from attending the course.

Target Audience:
Adults who are interested in and want to learn about Art Therapy. The skills and experiences gained by participants can be adapted to and incorporated in your current work spheres, as well as serve as a journey for self growth, personal insight and development.

Course Content:
Each week the group is exposed to a variety of different art mediums from which members have an opportunity to safely create and explore images and share them voluntarily within the safety of the group – thereby enabling communication, meaning, understanding, learning and personal transformation. 

Basic principles of Art Therapy are explored such as the creation of a Safe Space, Boundaries, Containment, Symbol Formation, An Internal and External world and Transitional objects.

This course runs every Monday evening starting Mon 26 Feb for 8 weeks

5:30pm-8.30pm for 8 weeks

Cost: R4950 pp for 8 weeks
Early Bird: R4800 pp for 8 weeks (bookings confirmed before 30 Dec 2017)
Deposit: R1500

Course fees include all art materials, hard cover journal and refreshments

Medical aid: Course fees may be claimed back from medical aid after attendance of the course

Contact Samantha Davies for more information: