Leigh-Anne Alexander

Leigh-Anne Alexander is a qualified Art Therapist based in the Helderberg area with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from the University of Johannesburg.

She is a registered Art therapist with the Health Care Professions Council and a member of the South African National Arts Therapies Association.

 Leigh-Anne’s educational journey includes Psychology and Religious Studies at the University of Cape Town, an Honours degree in Psychology from Stellenbosch University, and specialization in Art Therapy from the University of Johannesburg.

Her approach focuses on empathy, creating a non-judgmental atmosphere for self-expression and exploration. She works with diverse groups in individual and group settings, including addiction recovery centers, community sessions for children and adults, and adolescents in psychiatric hospitals.

 Leigh-Anne is particularly interested in addiction, mental health disorders, and child psychotherapy, bringing a deep understanding of these areas to her practice. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship, emphasizing attunement and warmth to facilitate personal growth in her clients.

My email is info@artstherapy.co.za
Website: www.artstherapy.co.za
cell: 0725249174