Kamal Naran

Kamal Naran is an HPCSA registered Art Therapist in South Africa. Graduating with his Masters in Art Therapy with distinction at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in 2024, he stands as a member of the
inaugural cohort of South African Art Therapists. Kamal serves as an assistant lecturer in the Art Therapy and Visual Arts department at UJ, contributing to both practice and academia. Kamal’s contributions extend to literature and art, co-authoring and featuring in Lefika’s publication,
‘Holding Bodies – School Holiday Programme’, and contributing to the Wits Art Museum publication ‘Seen, Heard and Valued: WAM celebrates 40 years of the Standard Bank African Art Collection.’ His article, “Connecting over art: utilizing art collections in programmes to promote connection,
engagement and learning,” not only earned publication but inspired the title of the WAM publication. In academia, Kamal published in the South African Journal of Arts Therapies, contributing to the first-ever Arts Therapies journal in South Africa. Kamal holds a special interest in LGBTQIA+ affirming art therapy, a focus that shaped his final university dissertation and subsequent journal article titled “Using art therapy to address the protective false self when working with queer identity”. He has shared his insights at various conferences, blending artistic talent with a dedication to therapeutic practices and academic excellence.

Link to journal article.
Email: kamal.naran01@gmail.com
HPCSA: AT 0001910
PR nr: 1159186