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In order to become registered as an art therapist, you need to study an Art Therapy Masters degree overseas.

Currently the first Art Therapy honours is underway at the University of Johannesburg, and applications are open for next year  (see here)

Most Art Therapists in South Africa qualified in the UK, but degrees are available in many overseas countries. Click here for a list of universities known to be recognised by the HPCSA. The course must be recognised in order for the graduate to be able to register upon their return to South Africa.

The Training

In the UK a Masters Degree is two years Full-Time and three years Part-Time, and includes practicum experience in various settings. Trainee placements happen in schools, hospitals, prisons etc.


Most universities will require a relevant undergraduate degree, such as art, psychology or nursing. However this varies for each course and you should contact the universities directly.


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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

In order to stay registered, all health professionals are required to maintain CPD points. These can be collected by attending relevant CPD accredited workshops and courses (see CURRENT EVENTS). This requirement means you can be assured that the registered Art Therapist is up-to-date in their professional practice.


The Community Art Therapy Programme (CATh) gives volunteers the opportunity to experience working with children in the Cape Town township schools, in Nyanga and Phillipi.