Welcome to Art Psychotherapy

Welcome to the main site of Art Pychotherapy in South Africa; home of the Art Therapy Association of South Africa (ATASA).

This website is dedicated to introducing the profession of Art Therapy and its registered practitioners. Art Therapists – also known as Art Psychotherapists – are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). In seeking Art Therapy, make sure your practitioner is a registered professional. This is for the client’s safety and in acknowledgment of the value of our profession. HPCSA registration also means that Art Therapy can be claimed from your medical aid. Contact your provider to find out your level of cover.

Art Therapy is relatively new in South Africa. We are a small, specialist group. This is an exciting time for our profession.  Through this website, we hope to be able to introduce the benefits and increase the recognition of Art Therapy. You can use this site to find a registered Art Therapist in your area. It is also a platform for sharing knowledge and information about where to study and how to register.